Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Summer at the Delaware River Waterfront

The Delaware River Waterfront is always an awesome place to enjoy in Philadelphia.  Refreshing breezes, the sound of lapping waves, and endless piers and walkways to explore give the Waterfront an exciting coastal feel.  And as fun as it is to experience during the rest of the year, nothing compares to a visit during the summer.  The Delaware River Waterfront outdoes themselves year after year with brand new renovations, pop up parks, concerts and live entertainment, exercise classes, seaport and boating fun, and much, much more - and almost all of it is FREE!
One of the best things to ever happen to the Waterfront was last year's success of Spruce Street Harbor Park, and this summer it returns for an extended season and even more of what made it so great last year.  Open until September 25, Philadelphia's urban beach is the place to play during the day and relax into the night.  With hammocks strung under an amazing lights display, various games for every age (including an indoor arcade), and a great variety of tasty food options (we are loving having another spot to enjoy The Franklin Fountain's ice cream creations!), there's something for everyone.  The real show stopper is the floating oasis barge surrounding the peaceful water gardens - the perfect place to dig your feet in the sand or lay back on a comfy rope net over the river.
Photo: Delaware River Waterfront
Another must see location this season is the transformation of the wildly popular Winterfest into Summerfest (open until September 5th). Turning the famous Blue Cross RiverRink from an ice skating rink to a roller rink was pure genius, and a welcome retro activity for children and grown ups alike.  Fortunately for us, rollerblades are available for rent as well as the traditional roller skates.  Another indoor arcade and tabletop games in the lodge provide even more fun, and we're loving the addition this year of the repurposed materials Mini Golf.  The great Delaware River views and porch seating aren't the only good reason to visit - the food is also fantastic! (New this year for good eats: The Franklin Fountain and Chickie & Pete's)

Along with SSHP and Summerfest, the Delaware River Waterfront now boasts nine different attraction areas each with it's own unique experience.  Festival Pier welcomes a variety of bands and shows all summer long, while Race Street Pier is the perfect location to rejuvenate with a free yoga session.  The Great Plaza at Penn's Landing has a schedule packed full of concerts. movies, and cultural events (many of which are free to the public).  The Delaware River Trail along Columbus Blvd is a tranquil nature path which includes stops at the newly renovated historical Washington Avenue Pier and the anticipated fishing location, Pier 68.  Penn's Landing Marina is the place for on the water fun with paddle boat, kayak, canoe, and row boat rentals, paddleboard yoga classes, boat slips, river cruises, and maritime discoveries with the Independence Seaport Museum, including going aboard historic ships like the USS Olympia and Becuna.

Bring the family, meet your friends, or just relax alone at the Delaware River Waterfront this summer - a location that continues to make Philadelphia stand out as a fun and forward-thinking destination.

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