Thursday, September 8, 2016

The Academy of Natural Sciences: Dinosaurs Unearthed

The Dinosaurs have returned to The Academy of Natural Sciences.  And we don't mean the bones down in the Dinosaur Hall and the Fossil Lab - we mean THE Dinosaurs.  The ones that move and roar and transport us back to a time when these amazing, terrifying beasts actually lived, breathed, and thrived.  It's true - Dinosaurs Unearthed is back in Philadelphia, and it's even bigger and better than before!  From the moment we spotted the giant T-Rex and Triceratops (affectionately known as Rexie and Trixie) on the sidewalk outside the museum, we knew this exhibit was going to be good, and it definitely did not fail to wow.  We're calling it now: Dinosaurs Unearthed is a MUST SEE exhibit for 2016!

The main highlight is of course the animatronic dinosaurs that roar at passersby and spring out in attack at their prey.  With over a dozen full-bodied beasts, there's a lot to see and experience! We loved being able to control the movements of the Yangchuanosaurus and the Protoceratops. Another favorite is of course the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex who made us feel a little bit farther down the food chain than we are used to being.  Walking among the lifelike dinosaurs was just a thrilling this time as it was the last time the exhibit came to The Academy of Natural Sciences (maybe even a little bit more!).

Dinosaurs Unearthed is an interactive experience with lots different ways to learn even more about the stories that fossils leave behind including a new multi-touch table.  Visitors can also use clues to figure out the quizzes in Dino Detectives, see how they compare to the weight of a triceratops on the big Scale, and touch various fossils within the exhibit.  Be on the lookout for claws, horns, teeth, an Oviraptor egg, and even some dinosaur poop!  What we love most about visiting Dinosaurs Unearthed at The Academy of Natural Sciences was that once we were done enjoying every roaring and exploring moment in the exhibit, we could head over to Dinosaur Hall to experience the museum's permanent dino displays.

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Dinosaurs Unearthed is at The Academy of Natural Sciences through January 16, 2017.  

Non-members: $7
Individual, Family, and Family Plus members: $4
Partner's Club members and above: FREE

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  1. I would love to see the new dino exhibit, they are so lifelike!

  2. My kids are dying to see the Dinosaur Exhibit! I love the idea of giving them a little science lesson in the middle of summer! The exhibit looks amazing!!