Monday, February 17, 2020

Marvel: Universe of Super Heroes

The world has always needed heroes. Someone to take on the darkness both in the world we live in and within ourselves. We seek out those who make us feel protected and as if good and hope still have a fighting chance. Through the medium of comicbooks, Stan Lee was able to create an alternate reality where even the most vile evil imaginable met it's match at the hands of the good guys. No one else has created superheroes quite like Marvel with their diversity, relatability, and sustained popularity.

This summer, The Franklin Institute is proud to be the East Coast debut location of Marvel: Universe of Super Heroes.  With a huge collection of comic book artifacts and movie props, this special exhibit is sure to thrill everyone from your summer blockbuster enthusiast to the biggest of collectors. Enter a world where superheroes live among us, ready to defend those they love most as well as complete strangers in peril.

The exhibit begins with a look back at the history of how Marvel came to be, and then how it managed to adapt to the changing times over the years. From there visitors get to fully immerse themselves in their favorite characters from the on paper creation to life sized costumes and props. Make sure you pose for a picture with Spiderman, Black Panther, and even the raging Incredible Hulk!

Marvel: Universe of Super Heroes is only at The Franklin Institute from April 13th through September 2nd!  

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