Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New and Noteworthy: The Play Cafe

There's a new indoor play space located conveniently along the Main Line in Bryn Mawr, PA! The Play Café is specifically designed to give children ages 0-5 a place for creative play while giving their caretakers a relaxing place to spend the day.
One of the best features of The Play Café is the separate area for non-walkers and new walkers to safely explore with soft padding and toys targeted just for their age range.  A mirrored wall gives little ones a place to watch themselves and their playmates scoot around while also giving caretakers a better view of what their little one is up to.
For older kids, there are plenty of open and creative play options such as the Performance Area with an abundance of costumes and props, a 9 foot wide Drawing Wall supplied with dry erase markers, and toys, blocks, and puzzles enough to entertain everyone.  Another fantastic feature is the Lego Loft,. while overlooks the main play area and is well stocked with Duplos in every kind and color.  The Play Café also has an Imagination Playground that can be constructed in the middle of the play area with soft, innovative equipment.
As if the indoor play space wasn't enough, The Play Café also has classrooms toward the back where children can enjoy classes, presentations, and craft times. Along with a schedule full of classes for the 1- to 5-year-olds, caregivers of 12 months and younger can also look forward to Mommy and Me classes beginning in January.

For parents who are looking for a fantastic party space in rain or shine, The Play Café offers a huge variety and price range of party themes and deals.  Take advantage of one of their amazing Party Packages or work together with them on your own idea.  They also offer to take the party to where ever you are hosting for a one of a kind experience for your child and their guests.
One of our favorites parts of The Play Café is that the facility also houses an actual café.  Offering coffee and espresso, smoothies, baked goods, salads, sandwiches, and healthy kid-friendly snacks, caretakers can enjoy a relaxed atmosphere for themselves while their child enjoys the play area.  Kids can feel like kids and grown ups can feel like grown ups.
The Play Café is $10 for the first child, and $5 for each additional child.  A 10-Visit Punch card gets you a great deal for only $65.  Consider purchasing a monthly membership which covers the whole family for only $45.  Annual Family Memberships are only $360 and cover all the children in the family as well as giving you a 10% discount on the retail store located in The Play Café and the party packages.
Daily Vacation had a great time visiting The Play Café and highly recommends it to anyone with children between the ages of 0-5!  Let your kids play rain or shine in a space created just for them while you relax in a indoor play area that also had you in mind.

934 W. Lancaster Avenue
Bryn Mawr, PA 19010
Monday - Friday, 9am to 6pm
Saturday + Sunday, 10am to 5pm
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