Summer in Greater Philly

It's Summertime in Greater Philadelphia, and there is so much that you could be doing! Both Daily Vacationer and Daily Vacationer Jr have been busy checking out loads of places, tours, events, and exhibits, and we have compiled quite a list of recommendations! We'll be adding more as the summer goes on,but here is everything that we have experienced ourselves so far!

O Daily Vacationer
O Daily Vacationer Jr
O Only open seasonally

Places to Go:

Cohanzick Zoo O O 

Franklin Square O O

Cowtown Rodeo O O


Philadelphia Sightseeing Tours O O O

Choose Your Way: Philadelphia (ebook tour guide) O O

Philly Bike Tour Company O O

Honor, Sacrifice, and Freedom Tour (self-guided) O O

Tippler's Tour Colonial Pub Crawl O O

City Hall Tower Tour  O O

Philadelphia Sightseeing Twilight Tour  O O O 

Special Summer Events and Exhibits:

Have a Place, Event, or Exhibit you'd like Daily Vacationer or Daily Vacationer Jr to come check out? Email us at!



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