Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Daily Vacationer Jr: Summer Movie Express

There's a lot of reasons that Daily Vacationer Jr is excited for summer, but one of our top things that we are looking forward to is the return of Regal Cinema's Summer Movie Express.  For nine weeks select Regal Cinemas will be showing the most popular family movies from the past year at 10am on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings.  Theatre goers can enjoy seeing titles like The Lego Batman Movie, Sing, and The Secret Life of Pets on the big screen once again.  The best part about this deal?  Tickets are only $1!  (A part of proceeds is donated to the Will Rogers Institute)
Check your location for the closest Summer Movie Express theatre, and double check the starting week.  Each location shows the movies for nine weeks in a row, but they might start Week 1 on a different week than another theatre (which is great if you want to see a favorite movie two weeks in a row and don't mind driving to another location).
Daily Vacationer Jr checked out the Summer Movie Express experience the last three years, and we give it a huge thumbs.  A perfect summer activity, and a fantastic bang for your buck!

This year many theaters are showing
BOTH movies BOTH days!
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