Wednesday, April 22, 2015

PAFA: Art in Process

Recently, PAFA unveiled new late hours every Wednesday evening, and with it, the introduction of Art in Process (included in museum admission).  A cultural event happening every week, Art in Process connects the museum visitor with the artist - immersing them in different aspects of art creation, from inception to completion.  Discussions, presentations, and programs compliment the beautiful galleries, while the presence of the academy gives a closer look at the creative process than other museums can produce.  As an added bonus, the newly renovated Tableau, PAFA's full-service cafĂ© run by STARR Events, is open until 8pm on Wednesday nights.
Daily Vacationer's own personal experience at Art in Process was quite the memorable evening.  We were treated to an architecture tour throughout the Historic Landmark building from PAFA's director, Harry Philbrick (tours are free with admission, so definitely always check if any are being offered during your visits).  At 7pm, the Copeland String Quartet preformed in the Rotunda with the gorgeous strains of Ravel, Gershwin, and Dvorak drifting through the galleries and the Cast Hall where art students worked on their own pieces in all different mediums.  We wandered from room to room watching, observing, listening, and taking it all in before settling in to enjoy the second half of the performance (we highly recommend going to see the Copeland String Quartet play if you ever get the chance - absolutely breathtaking).
A fantastic look at the inspiration, celebration, and practical application of art, Art in Process takes a visit to PAFA to a whole new level.  Check out their calendar to  see what exciting program is coming each week.  Artists, art lovers, and culture enthusiasts all take note: Art in Process is the new "must do" event to experience in Philadelphia.
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