Friday, August 24, 2012

Local Destination Event: Northwest New Jersey

In a journey to help my readers see all the Daily Vacations they could be having right where they live, I will be announcing upcoming events in the Southeast Pennsylvania, Southwest New Jersey, and Northwest New Jersey areas as I hear of them.  I will highlight a few of them as regular blog posts, but the majority of them (and links to more info about them) can be found on the Local Destination Event page in the Daily Vacation blog.  I hope to attend many Local Destination Events myself and then report back to you guys, but I cannot be everywhere all the time, so if you attend an event that you would like to discuss, then by all means, contact me to write your experience with your Local Destination (include pictures if you can too!).  Continue to let me know about any upcoming events, so I can add them to the list for others readers to benefit from.
Today I am giving everyone in the Northwest New Jersey area a two weeks heads up about one of my favorite days of the whole year:  Branchville's Townwide Garage Sale on September 8th!!!
 (directions on the Local Destination Events page)
I absolutely love yard sales.  I am that person that sees a yard sale and MUST pull over the car immediately and take a look.  I can take you through a tour of my house and point out all the great finds from past years.  However, none of the yard sale experiences throughout the year can compare to this magical day in Branchville.  When I say that this is a Townwide Garage Sale, it literally means you can walk through nearly the whole town and stop at every house along the way.  If this kind of thing gets you super excited, then start saving that change and come out starting at 9 am (or earlier!).

Branchville Garage Sale Day Tips:

-Don't just stick with the easy to get to streets in the certain of town.  A lot of great items can be found on the outskirts (take a walk down Mill Street and make it all the way up and over Church Hill Rd)

-If you are looking to sell, but don't live in town, ask to use a friends yard or set up on a strip of grass in a public area of town

-If you are looking for one specific furniture item, have someone drive you around the town while you scan all the yards (my husband and I scored a dining room table to match the chairs we had already found this way)

-If you are planning on parking and walking, bring a large tote bag or wagon with you to help with carting your purchases around town

-Make sure that you stop in at the First Presbyterian Church right in the center of town for some great food (plus part of the proceeds from what the church makes that day goes toward local charities)

-To find fantastic pieces, get out as early as you can to beat the dealers who show up around 8am
-To really get the full experience, go out in the middle of the day and get lost in the throngs of sellers and shoppers
-To find items for incredibly cheap or free, go out when everyone is packing up in the late afternoon
-To have as much fun as I do, GO OUT FOR ALL THREE TIMES :D

See you there!!


  1. Wish that I lived there so I could attend, I love yard sales as well :)

    1. I know! I love when the signs for yard sales start sprouting up in the spring every year - even if you don't find anything, looking is so much fun :)