Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Local Destination Event: Southeast Pennsylvania

For those of you out there with children, this is a MUST for your year!!  The Just Between Friends Sales are consignment sales of children's clothing/toys/gear/etc,etc, and they are HUGE!  Just about anything you can think of for children (and some extras for mom) will be sold here at unbelievable prices.  This past spring, I attended my first JBF Sale as a new mom and came home with two huge garbage bags full of clothes and toys and books for my daughter - and I only spent about $30!  If you are looking for bigger items like cribs or strollers or walkers, they have those there too.

The JBF Sale September 22-23 in Glen Mills, PA boasts over 70,000 items for sale with over 400 consignors participating.  A lot of the sales have a first time parent or grandparent presale the day before that you can register to attend.  Also, the final day of the sale, prices are often dropped up to 50%!  It is only $3 admission to get in, but you can print out a free admission pass right off the website.

I had a great experience at both the Glen Mills and the Oaks, PA sales this past spring.  Everyone shopping was very pleasant, and everyone volunteering was very helpful and sweet as well.  For both sales, I actually forgot my printed free admission pass and at one, the volunteer let me in free anyway, and at the other, a very nice gentleman handed me his extra one at the entrance.
The Just Between Friends franchise has events throughout the year all over the country.  For the Philadelphia suburbs, I recommend the Western Mainline event in the Oaks off Rt 422 Sept 13-15 and the West Chester/Media event in Glen Mills off Rt 1 Sept 22-23.  Definitely make it out to at least one, if not both!

Just Between Friends Sale Tips:

- Make some money for yourself and sell your used children's items

-Save even more at the sale by volunteering to help out

-Bring a stroller or a wagon - unless you are going to a presale - to the event even if you don't have a kid in it (you're going to need somewhere to put everything)

-Take advantage of the purchase holding location when you find a bigger item to buy but want to keep shopping

-Go for the bigger things first if you are looking for a specific gear item

-Bring the grandparents with you, and you'll make out great!

See you there!!


  1. Ah! Looks like we have one close by in mid-October! Thanks for sharing. I'm glad to know several months out, so I can keep it in mind a maybe make a list of things to look out for. :-)

    1. I KNOW! I wouldn't have realized they were coming up, but I put a magnet for the JBF Sales on the fridge next to the calender. Wanted to make sure no one else forgot - I'm so excited! We need quite a few things!