Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Daily Vacation Special Announcement!

As you go through different parts of your life, your Daily Vacations tend to change.  What you enjoyed a few months ago may no longer calm and satisfy now.  You may get a new idea from someone else and incorporate that into your schedule.  The weather may change as year continues to the next season.  Or you may find that your world is drastically different then it was before.
Back in the early months after my daughter was born, my husband was sweet enough to give me a night off of my choosing every week.  Our daughter was never really a handful, even as an infant, so one night a week was a really enough for me to get handle on my own life.  Nearly every week, I choose the same activity for my night off "Daily Vacation": I drove to the Wawa that was slightly farther away from the house, bought a very very large English Toffee Coffee and drove home.  I would take our two dogs with me - driving with all the windows down and anything upbeat on the radio at full blast.  It seems like a silly thing to enjoy, but I couldn't do that with a baby in the car.  You can't have the wind whipping around the car, tunes blasting loudly, and you definitely can't just stop the car and run out for a second to pick up coffee.  And those things were significant enough to me to do them at least once a week.
Now, my life has changed again, and what I consider a Daily Vacation has also changed in some areas.  I'm still loving my mornings on my front stoop, but they are now more of a neccesity as I've needed the fresh air desperately for a few days now.  I find that a meal consisting of large amounts of just carbs and dairy products is the most satisfying part of my day.  And I make sure to have a good book on hand, because I'm constantly running out of energy.
As you've probably figured out, the Daily Vacation blog is excited to announce a new baby arriving in May!  We are all thrilled over here and cannot wait to see how our lives continue to change with this new arrival.  Now, any ideas for Daily Vacations when your kids are only 14 months apart? ;)