Monday, October 1, 2012

It's Always a Good Time

For the past few weeks, first trimester queasiness has really effected everything that I do.  I can make plans, but that doesn't mean I'll get to do them.  I can make lists, but that doesn't mean I'll get anything done.  It can be rather frustrating to go for weeks unable to do things that I usually do.

Fortunately, Owl City put out a single recently that really helped keep me in the Daily Vacation mindset inspite of my limitations (yes, you can even look to pop radio to inspire!).  "Good Time" is an incredibly upbeat song in which the singer proclaims, "We don't even have to try - it's always a good time!"  I love how he sings as if the good times happen simply because he is there, and things are great no matter where he is.  Just because I can't get to the park or even make it out of bed some mornings doesn't mean the good time is happening without me somewhere.  If I stay in the mindset that things can be great no matter where I am, the day begins to look a lot brighter.
These days I count eating something that doesn't make my stomach turn as my Daily Vacation.  Finding that perfect food that satisfies the way food did a few weeks ago is such a special moment of relief right now (literal hormonal tears of happiness over a box of macaroni and cheese or a tuna fish sandwich never fails to entertain my husband).  I've also managed to make many trips to the library and have enjoyed countless books while being trapped on the couch or the bed.  Instead of taking my breakfast outside every morning, I eat inside near an open window to still get fresh air while keeping myself as comfortable as possible.
I don't relate much to most of "Good Time", since I'm not hanging out by the pool daily or heading out in the evening to "get down", but I do like the lines that go," Doesn't matter where - it's always a good time there.  Doesn't matter when - it's always a good time then."  So if the where is your job or sitting in traffic or the playground or running errands (or in my case, the couch), it doesn't matter - it's always a good time! (And with the right mindset, you don't even have to try.)

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