Sunday, December 16, 2012

'Tis the Season

With only 9 (9!) days to go until Christmas, here are some festive Daily Vacation ideas to take advantage of while it is still the most wonderful time of the year:
Get your fill of Christmas music (recommended stations off Pandora: Classical Christmas and Family Christmas).

Tour the neighborhood - on foot or in the car - at night to savor all the beautiful decorations.

Turn off all the lights in your house except for your Christmas lights and go hang out by the tree.

Wrap all those presents (okay, some people may not view this as a vacation, but personally I love wrapping presents).

Watch your favorite Christmas specials and movies (recommended: at least one version of A Christmas Carol, A Charlie Brown Christmas, Emmet Otter's Jugband Christmas, and at least one Rankin-Bass film).

Actually READ A Christmas Carol (or excerpts to see how the original story might differ from your favorite movie version).

Take time to visit with all those family members and friends who are coming home for the holidays.
Go see a Living Nativity performance.
Attend a school Christmas concert (bring your sense of humor and possibly earplugs depending on how young the students are).
Visit local attractions that have special Christmas events (recommended for the Philadelphia area: Longwood Gardens, Grounds for Sculpture, and the Adventure Aquarium).
Attend an old-fashioned Christmas carol hymn-sing.
Bake and decorate Christmas cookies (this is more fun experienced with others).
Go Christmas caroling (like baking, this is really much MUCH better with more than one person).
Get your fill of all those Christmasy flavored lattes at your local coffee shops.
And: read the real Christmas story in the Bible (the book of Luke,Chapter 2).

Savor these next couple of weeks around The Big Day.  It always goes by so fast and there's so much to enjoy!

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