Monday, January 14, 2013

Putting It Into Practice

Because of the relative ease with which an online facade is possible, I sometimes wonder if my readers think I'm just sitting in front of the television all day eating ice cream while I blog about having a Daily Vacation mindset and making your life really something to experience and enjoy.  (Right now, poised to enter the uncomfortableness of the 3rd trimester, television and ice cream all day actually sound pretty appealing at times, so don't think I haven't been tempted).  However, I hope most of you come to the conclusion that I actually enjoy living the Daily Vacation lifestyle personally, which is why I bother to blog about it in the first place.

This week, I'm really putting a few of my past blog posts into practice.  Last week, I talked about utilizing your own home as a way to get away without actually going anywhere ( Local Destination: The Guest Room ).  I have my own evening "away" scheduled for later this week, and I am so excited about it!  I took the time to book our guest area for my own personal use for a mini-vacation that will involve almost no out of pocket expense and barely any effort.
On top of the comfort of a clean, barely used bedroom and bathroom, I have been planning some fun and enjoyment for my private, local vacation.  After revisiting my very first blog post ( Daily Vacation: What Does It Mean? ) and a post from September ( Local Destination: Your Living Room Theater ), I reminded myself that I don't have to travel out of my close surrounding area to relax and have a good time.  In anticipation of my evening "away" later this week, I have begun planning a few inexpensive things to do and a movie or two that I would like to have a private screening of in my guest room.
In order to really make my mini-vacation a reality, I referenced a post from all the way back in August ( The Joys of Delayed Gratification ).  To make sure that by the time I come to my vacation day and evening this week, I have nothing to do but take it easy, I have to do even more in the days before to prepare.  Today I did a deep clean on the entire house (and I'm sure feeling it now!).  The next few days are packed full of errands to run and places to be and things to do that fall more into the "have to" category than the "want to" category.  But once the end of the week comes, I will be able to drop everything and relax because there will really be nothing left to drop in order to relax.
I look forward to writing a follow-up post to my time "away" to hopefully give you some more ideas on how to take a fun mini-vacation in your own house yourself.  In the meantime, I will continue to prepare for an event that will really be as fun and as exciting to me as I make it.  This blog is really all about taking your ordinary life and making it extraordinary for yourself, and I definitely intend to do just that in my own life.

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