Thursday, June 6, 2013

Save It For A Rainy Day

Apparently there is a tropical storm headed in our direction.  We were busy enjoying days at the park and evenings outside, and suddenly there is all this talk of rain.  I have to admit I'm not that bummed about the impending precipitation.  With a one month old and a toddler, I can really only manage one outside of the home activity per day at the moment, and we've probably been racking up some library fines by choosing to enjoy the nice weather outside rather than spend time indoors returning our checked out books.  So long as the dreary weather doesn't overstay its welcome, I'm open to a rainy day every now and then.
The library is a perfect way to spend an indoor day.  A cheaper alternative to spending time at the local coffee bar/bookstore, you can bring your own cozy beverage and find an unoccupied chair for reading.  As another plus, if you don't finish the book, it doesn't cost anything to take it home for the next day.  And if homemade lattes just don't taste as good to you as one a barista can whip up, you can always go for the bookstore option (just keep in mind that you must pay for the book if you plan on finishing it at home).
If you were hoping to hang out with some wild animals and the weather is just not cooperating for a zoo trip, you can hit up the aquarium instead.  Not only are the animals already wet (so the rain doesn't bother them), but aquariums are mainly indoor venues (this also makes them great places to visit in the middle of winter).  For those of you with little ones (or if you just happen to be thoroughly amused by puppy antics yourself), set up the stroller in front of the Doggie Daycamp window at a local PetsMart PetsHotel and the kiddies can enjoy a couple hours of free entertainment that is rivaled only by a visit to a dog park on a nice day.
A weather-challenged day can also be a great time to expand your mind a little and take in an exhibit at a musuem.  There is a museum out there for everyone.  You can check out an art museum, play around in a children's museum, or learn something new in a science museum.  When picking a place to visit, be sure to consider your small, local museums instead of just the obvious city destinations.  An afternoon in a tiny regional museum can really open your eyes to the area you live in.
There are so many different indoor activites you can choose from (the movies, the theater, a bowling alley, an ice rink, the mall, etc) that it almost makes you root for a rainy day to come your way.  Of course, you can also decide to spend those wet days hidden away inside the comfort of your own home.  I like to catch up on tasks that I've shelved on nice days when I want to be outside, but staying in bed all day with a good book is also a fantastic choice (and sometimes the best one).
And then there's one more option: grab your rainboots and umbrella or just your bathing suit and flip flops and go meet the rain head on "with a smile on your face".

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