Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Everyday is a Celebration! (a Guest Post)

Everyday is a Celebration!
Do you believe this?  I know many people who do not think that there is a reason to celebrate when they open their eyes in the morning.  They actually feel defeated before their feet even hit the ground.  Well, just opening your eyes is a reason to celebrate in my book! 

This is a motto I whole heartily believe in.  I love life and everything that it brings; the good and the bad.  I celebrate the good and I learn and move forward from the bad.  Either way, it is my life and I alone must make the most of it.
I started my event planning business a little over three years ago and called it Everyday Celebrations.  I am the person you turn to when you want to celebrate an event in your life; birthday, anniversary, wedding, quit smoking, etc.. Whatever your reason, I will turn it into a lasting memory!  I love it when my clients finally see their idea or thought brought to life.  They can fully enjoy the event because I am there to handle all the details and stress. 
As a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, co-worker, business owner, connector; all these titles I have allow me to reach so many people on a daily basis and I love that.  I love being the person that others can see as being happy and positive and guess what?  We can all do it!  It is just a matter of finding just one thing, no matter how or small to celebrate every day.  Enjoy the moments and stop waiting for the reason.

Stacy L. McGuigan is the creative engine behind her event planning business, Everday Celebrations.  She is referred by her friends as The Theme Queen.   Her unique and creative ideas will produce an event that people will always remember.  Stacy customizes each affair to her client’s needs and interests.  But more importantly, she helps her clients create an event that fulfills their dream and provides lasting memories.  Stacy has an abundance of energy, vision, and originality!
Stacy L. McGuigan, Celebration Concierge

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