Saturday, August 3, 2013

Local Destination: YoGo Factory


The basic idea of the YoGo Factory is you put together your own dessert just the way that you like it.  You start with an empty cup and fill it up with all kinds of yummy treats.  The YoGo Factory has various flavors of frozen yogurt available every evening (and they change them out all the time!) labeled as being either non-fat or low-fat.  Customers are allowed to sample as many different flavors as they like when choosing.  You can top your frozen yogurt with just about any ice cream topping you can think of (or you can start with the topping and add frozen yogurt to it).  They cover the basics with sprinkles (jimmies?), hot fudge, and whipped cream, but then they venture into the world of candy pieces, various kinds of syrups (an insane amount of flavors!), fruit, marshmallows, and raisins.  Then things just get completely insane with toppings like chocolate covered pretzels, sugary breakfast cereal, rice krispie treats, and pop tarts.  Basically any topping you can think of that would go great with frozen yogurt, the YoGo Factory probably has it.
After you have made your dream dessert, the cup is weighed and you are charged by the ounce (only 49 cents an ounce!).  It always seems to come out much less than what we would be spending at a regular ice cream/frozen yogurt shop.  On top of their everyday great prices, the YoGo Factory offers a rewards program.  When you get 10 punches on your rewards card you get either 8oz free or $4.00 off your next purchase (and make sure to stop in on DOUBLE PUNCH Wednesdays to get your discount even faster!)  Yogo Factory also offers discounts through facebook, four square, twitter, and various coupon mailings.  Be on the lookout for Customer Appreciation Days where customers receive 50% off!  Find a YoGo Factory near your home and then follow them on Facebook to find out about daily flavors and special event days! The employees are always super friendly and the customer service has always been great! 


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