Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Local Destination: Brandywine Zoo

Located in the middle of the 180 acres that make up Brandywine Park in Wilmington, DE, the Brandywine Zoo has been Delaware's only zoo since 1905.  Here visitors will discover animals from all over North and South America, as well as temperate Asia.  The zoo is open 365 days a year from 10:00am to 4:00pm.  From May to September, admission is $5 for children from 3-17 and Seniors and $7 for adults.  From October to April, admission is $3 for children from 3-17 and Seniors and $5 for adults.  Members of the Brandywine Zoo (as well as members of the Philadelphia Zoo) and children under 3 are FREE.  Annual memberships for the Brandywine Zoo start at $35.  Parking is FREE.
This zoo is on the smaller side, but it certainly makes up for it with the quality of animals, the extensive amount of information available about the animals, and the jam-packed calendar of events with something for everyone.  When we first arrived at the Brandywine Zoo (after being overjoyed to discover that our Philadelphia Zoo membership got us in for free!), we came to the Andean Condor exhibit where we saw what looked to be a giant fake bird sitting right next to the front of the enclosure with its wings spread.  And then it moved!  Definitely real!  Another of our favorites was the Amur Tiger.  Apparently in heat, the poor girl was stalking the enclosure and making wild sounds, giving us all a great show.  We was also delighted to discover a Capybara back near the picnic area.  And of course, we can't fail to mention the little pygmy goats in the petting zoo enclosure.  There were also llamas, otters, tropical birds, leopards, and much more.  The zoo website has a full list and description of each of the over 150 animals.
Each exhibit in the Brandywine Zoo is displayed with all kinds of facts and eduational information about the animals inside.  The zoo also offers FREE audio tours with a separate audio tour for adults and kids and FREE tours and talks from the zookeepers.  They also host educational programs, discovery tours, and summer camps for all ages. 
The Brandywine Zoo's calendar is full of events all year round for every age and interest.  For kids there are camps during the summer and school holidays, Breakfast with Santa in December, and both the TodZOOlers and Pre-K Program and Baby and Me.    For everyone, there is the Art in the Ark Program, Boo at the Zoo in October, a New Year's Eve Celebration, ZooFiesta, and much more.  Continue to check the Calendar of Events for seasonal programs and events.  You can also follow the Brandywine Zoo on Facebook for event announcements.

The Brandywine Zoo
1001 North Park Drive
Brandywine Park
Wilmington, Delaware 19802
Phone: (302) 571-7747


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