Saturday, November 2, 2013

One Day in Pompeii at the Franklin Institute

We have had the pleasure of visiting the actual city of Pompeii in Italy and seeing some of these amazing artifacts, and we can tell you, this is an exhibit that you don't want to miss!  Nothing makes history come alive like seeing it literally frozen in time from the year 79 AD.  The city itself was discovered only 250 years ago and each piece that has been uncovered since helps tell the story of the everyday life and sudden end of Pompeii.
 One Day in Pompeii showcases amazing artifacts including marble statues, Gladiator helmets, coins and currency, and alters and shrines.  The exhibit also includes an amazing immersive CGI experience with shaking floors and rumbling walls that lets visitors experience the eruption of Mount Vesuvius.
The Franklin Institute combines the history of Pompeii with the amazing science of volcanos in the Vesuvius Science Lab located up in Sir Issac's Loft (free with admission).  Learn about what causes volcanic activity with this interactive experiene, including the hands-on examination of real volcanic rocks.  To top off this amazing exhibit, Ring of Fire returns to the Tuttleman IMAX theatre giving visitors a first-hand experience like none other of the immense power of volcanos ($9 per person, $5 adult members, $4 child members).

Exhibit Hours:
Sunday - Wednesday from 9:30am-5:00pm
Thursday - Saturday from 9:30am - 9:00pm.
November 9th - April 27th

Tickets to One Day in Pompeii are TIMED and DATED
Individual Daytime Tickets:
Adult: $27.50
Children (3-11): $21.50
(Includes General Admission to Museum)
Evening Admissions (After 5:00pm):
Adult: $18:00
Children (3-11): $11.00
(Does NOT include General Admission to Museum)
Groups save 25%
Member tickets:
Adult: $10.00
Children (3-11): $8.00
Optional Audio Tour:


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