Friday, January 31, 2014

Adventure Aquarium: Frogs: Nature's Messengers

Something Daily Vacation loves about the Adventure Aquarium is how every time you visit, there is always something new to experience.  Right now, running from January 17th to April 27th, the Aquarium is presenting an amazing exhibit that will open your eyes to the world of amphibians in ways you've never seen before.  From fascinating to bizarre, Frogs: Nature's Messenger is something that you will not want to miss out on.
Zone B is a good place to start, where a pop up display shows visitors how the whole thing begins with tadpoles.  You also learn about the incredible differences between the animals and what it all means.  Don't miss a look at the weird (and slightly scary) reproductive traits of certain frogs (Daily Vacation will not be forgetting that picture of the Surinam Toad for a very, very long time).  This display is also a good place to see how our world effects their world, and what we can do to help minimize that effect.
The area in Zone B is not the only place to experience this exhibit, as Frogs: Nature's Messenger is actually spread around Zone A and C as well.  These are the areas to see these amazing creatures first hand, from the HUGE African bullfrog to the colorful Poison Dart Frogs.  Be on the lookout for the fantastic non-frog parts of this exhibit as well, like the quirky Axolotl and the primitive Greatest Siren.
Zone C, one of the best interactive play areas in Greater Philadelphia, holds a few surprises.  First visitors are greeted by two giant frogs (we mean REALLY giant).  Hop up on top or pose in between these guys.  Then head to the Ribbit Room to try your luck at non-other than some Frogger arcade games.  Little ones can explore the maze underneath the Blue Poison Dart Frog.
One last thing not to miss in this special exhibit is the "Tadpole Gallery".  An amazing array of  art and creativity, visitors can view frogs that have been decorated by local Camden Schools.  Each one is unique and beautiful in its own way.  Pick a favorite and go online to VOTE for a winner to receive a grand prize.
Before heading to the Adventure Aquarium, be sure and check out their website to view all the creatures in this exhibit, learn what makes each one so incredible, and find out where they are displayed.  Frogs: Nature's Messenger is FREE with admission.

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