Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Dino Week: Adventure Aquarium

Some monsters that have been discovered from prehistoric times are rather creepy while others are pretty scary.  The Megalodon Shark, on the other hand, is downright terrifying.  One look at its unbelievably massive jaw at the Adventure Aquarium in Camden, and you probably won't want to go swimming for quite some time.  At 60ft long, the Megalodon was definitely at the top of the food chain with teeth that could crush a prehistoric whale's skull and a jaw that makes the mouth of the Great White Shark look like a joke.  Fossils from this creature have been found all over the world, and there is no conclusive reason as to why it became extinct.  Perhaps it is just lurking in the ocean waiting for the right moment to show back up....

Once you finish getting the chills from the Megalodon jaw, go check out the huge variety of modern-day sharks that can be found throughout the Adventure Aquarium.  From the Great Hammer Head Sharks in the Ocean Realm exhibit to the Sandbar Sharks in the Shark Realm exhibit (seen best from the famous Shark Tunnel), each animal is unique and fascinating.  Don't miss the opportunity to interact with real, live Bamboo Sharks in the Touch-A-Shark exhibit.  Visitors can also view other modern-day cousins of the dinosaurs:  sea turtles and crocodiles.

When mapping out your Dinosaur tour of Greater Philadelphia, don't leave out the Adventure Aquarium.  The image of the massive Megalodon will stay with you a long, long time.

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