Thursday, January 23, 2014

Dino Week Jr: Dino's Playland

The James G. Atkinson Memorial Park (formerly the Bethel Mill Park) located in Sewell, NJ is a fantastic little place with something for everyone from recreational sports fields and a beautiful riverside walking trail to an outdoor amphitheater and two wonderful playgrounds.

The smaller these two playgrounds is known as Dino's Playland - a Dinosaur-themed tot lot.  Unbelievably cute, this play area is sure to please any young Dino lover.  Hop on the back of a purple Triceratops.  Explore the ins and outs of a Stegasaurus.  And make sure not to miss the giant Tyrannosaurus Rex slide with child-friendly plastic steps.
The perfect place for an outdoor Dinosaur-themed birthday party, Dino's Playland is located right next to the "Kiddie Corral" - a small enclosure with built in picnic tables for adults and children.  As soon as we came across it, Daily Vacation knew we had to include this adorable (and FREE!) playground in DINO WEEK Jr.  Definitely make time to visit Dino's Playland during your kid-friendly tour of all things Dinosaur in Greater Philadelphia!

CLICK HERE for James G Atkinson  Memorial Park visiting information. -
- Call (856) 251-6710 for party reservations. -

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 Day 3 - Camden Children's Garden and Adventure Aquarium
Day 4 - Academy of Natural Sciences
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  1. So fun!! My boys would love this! Thanks for sharing and can't wait to see where you are off to next!

    1. Thanks! We are having a lot of fun tracking down all these Dinos! :D