Saturday, January 25, 2014

Dino Week Jr: New Jersey State Museum

In 2004, the New Jersey State Museum closed for massive renovations, reopening years later with incredible improvements to old exhibits and many fascinating new ones.  However, because renovating the Natural History Hall is the biggest undertaking for the Museum, it remains a work in progress with an impressive sampling of the millions of specimens in their possession presently on display on the Main Floor in a Natural History Highlights Exhibit.  Also right now, next door to the Main Building, visitors can enjoy Delaware Dinosaurs and Pterosaurs in the Auditorium Galleries.  However, the New Jersey State Museum is working toward becoming a more interactive experience for the public - to let people see and do what has always gone on behind the scenes, especially in the field of paleontology.
The Natural History Hall is very close to being restored, with a new classroom already opened to interested parties and school groups right now, and a grand opening scheduled for this year.  Within this classroom, visitors with have the chance to have complete hands-on experiences, with a focus on teaching and demonstrations involving real fossils and artifacts.
The classroom is only the first complete stage in a series of exciting renovations that visitors can continue to anticipate and look forward to.  Eventually the exhibit hall will be filled with Dinosaurs and other specimens, displayed in full context, so visitors can learn even more about these amazing creatures within dazzling and informative  exhibits, highlighting New Jersey's relationship to the world.
The Museum is an active field research institution that has the desire to take the public on the adventure with them.  From Montana and Wyoming to New Jersey and Delaware, staff are always in the process of discovering and researching new fossils, and they now want to share what they experience with others.  The new Natural History Hall will include the already running "Interactive Learning Center" and a "Scientific Advancement Lab" - bringing visitors into the amazing process of finding what is out in the world and figuring out how it relates to us now.
Another great reason to visit the New Jersey State Museum: This is where we found our Haddy! Daily Vacation searched everywhere for our very own Haddy during Dino Week, and finally discovered the only place in Greater Philadelphia that sells them.  Even more exciting: Daily Vacation will be GIVING AWAY a Haddy to TWO of our readers!! Details coming soon.



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