Friday, April 18, 2014

Garden State Discovery Museum: American Legends


The Garden State Discovery Museum has spent the last few months traveling the globe with their Passport to Discovery 2014 tour.  This last destination on the tour takes them back to the United States with their American Legends live show running various dates until April 26th.  Entertaining to kids of all ages, as well as the adults who bring them, the show takes visitors through some pretty tall tales and fun American folklore.
The entire cast is made up of three actors who sing and dance their way through various stories, taking turns being the narrators and transforming into the intriguing assortment of characters.  Beginning with an introduction to tall tales and a fun demonstration of how they come about, the show continues, seamlessly moving from one story to another without ever dragging or allowing the audience to get fidgety.  The musical numbers (all original) arrive in just the right moments with a toe-tapping, catchiness that turns each one into a sing-along.
From Davy Crockett and Paul Bunyan to Calamity Jane and Johnny Appleseed, American Legends pokes fun at tall tale favorites with witty lyrics and snappy one-liners.  A show that is truly entertaining from the moment you spot the evening campfire set on stage to the final number, it is worth planning your next trip to the Garden State Discovery Museum around.  Plan that trip soon though, before this FREE live show is gone!
April 15, 16, 17, 19, 22, 23, 24, 26
Shows at 12pm and 4pm
More information on visiting the Garden State Discovery Museum.
Daily Vacationers visit during Dino Week Jr.
2040 Springdale Road
Suite 100
Cherry Hill, New Jersey 08003