Monday, July 28, 2014

Pixar in Concert

(c) Disney/Pixar

It's an incredible thing to be able to tell a story without using words.  It's an equally incredible thing to be on the receiving end of such a story.  This weekend, between the breathtaking visuals from the Pixar movies and the beautiful music streaming from the Philadelphia Orchestra lead by Cristian Macelaru, we got to experience the fourteen different stories of Pixar in Concert at The Kimmel Center.  We were transported to different worlds, different times, and just different ways of looking at things - caught up in emotions ranging from bittersweet and heart wrenching to victorious and joyful.
Pixar in Concert began in the beginning with the very first Toy Story movie.  From there we glided easily to under the sea with Finding Nemo, space with Wall-E, Scotland with Brave, and various alternate universes where talking cars and friendly monsters and inquisitive bugs roam.  Sometimes the music was the prominent storyteller (like the Parisian sounds of Ratatouille), and sometimes it was the visuals (the montage from Up could move us accompanied by silence).  More often though, they went hand in hand, each building on and complimenting each other.  It's difficult to pick a favorite, and it makes us want to see all the movies another time, focusing more carefully on the accompanying scores.  It was beautiful and thrilling, and we definitely want to experience it again (please come back next year Disney Concerts!)
Seated in the beautiful Verizon Hall in the impressive Kimmel Center (everyone living and visiting Philadelphia needs to go visit this building!) we noticed that the audience was comprised of a huge variety of people - the young and old, families and friends, couples and singles - proving that enjoying a performance by the Philadelphia Orchestra is an experience meant for everyone.  It was our very first time hearing the Philadelphia Orchestra live, and we were completely blown away!  We highly HIGHLY recommend that everyone go see them in concert at least once this year (if not more!).
(Presentation licensed by Disney Concerts © Disney/Pixar)

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