Monday, January 12, 2015

Daily Vacationer Jr: Kid Sized Adventures

After spending a year exploring the Greater Philadelphia area, Daily Vacationer decided that we were sorely missing something in our blog posts and recommendations.  From art and science museums to parks and historical sights, nearly every place in the area has something for families and children (not to mention ALL the locations that are specifically made for children).  The more and more we came across these opportunities, the more we felt like we needed to share them with our readers.  And with that thought, we decided to expand Daily Vacationer to include blog posts and social media specifically for people with younger kids: Welcome to Daily Vacationer Jr.!
We absolutely love how much we get to see and do, and we are troubled at how often we meet people who feel that they cannot or should not visit places in Greater Philadelphia because they have children.  Granted, there are some places and moments where we would not recommend bringing kids, but they are actually pretty few and far between.  With Daily Vacationer Jr. we hope to inspire those in the area to include and immerse their children in all the great stuff that the Philadelphia area has to offer.
To start off with, here are some things you should know:
Yes, you are allowed in art museums with children (even the really intimidating ones), and they even have their own kids programs and tours.
Science museums are the best and everyone should go as much as possible.
We have some of the coolest children's museums in the country right in this area.
You basically can't go anywhere without stumbling over a cool park or playground.
Arboretums and gardens are like magical worlds for kids.
Our area is crammed full of history (hello - cradle of American democracy) and most of it is presented in cool, interactive ways.
You MUST go to the zoos and aquarium (there are no excuses for this one). 
This is not NYC - the public bathrooms are not going to kill you (and family sized stalls are fairly easy to find).
Most places are handicapped and stroller accessible, and even the historic buildings that are not have some pretty interesting freight elevators that you get to ride (plus the kids will probably think it's the best part).
Children two and under are almost always FREE, so start exploring right away.
Follow the places you are interested in on social media to find out about discounts and free days, events and exhibits, and special programs (or just follow us and we'll tell you).
Remember that the only way we are going to pass on a love of arts, sciences, nature, history, etc, etc is by creating and taking advantage of opportunities for our children to experience and enjoy them.
So travel with Daily Vacationer Jr. here at the Daily Vacationer blog or on Facebook, Instagram (dailyvacationerjr), and Twitter (DailyVacaJr) for kid sized adventures in the Greater Philadelphia area.  Hope for the best, come prepared for the worst (you know what we mean), and start making some incredible family memories right here, right now.

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