Wednesday, February 24, 2016

International House Philadelphia's Family Matinee Series

The International House Philadelphia has a long and rich history in championing cultural differences and supporting the needs of scholars from around the world.  From its beginnings in a Reverend's home in West Philly, IHP has grown to be a hub of cultural arts, programs, and events. International students and interns from all over the world (over 75 countries represented!) stay at IHP during their time in University City, helping them make the transition into a new culture while continuing to celebrate their own.  Located inside the IHP building in University City is the Ibraham Theater presenting international films from a vast array of interests and genres (and can also be rented out for meetings and conferences).

Daily Vacationer is specifically a big fan of their Family Matinee Series which showcases movies, documentaries, and animations that spark the interest of kids (we encourage parents and caregivers to research the films ahead of time to determine age appropriateness).  Adults will also find the choices intriguing and enjoyable.  Movie tickets are only $5 and children ages 2 and under and IHP members are FREE.  From the story of a baby giraffe and an orphan to a beautiful anime about a young princess in a future world, audiences will delight in films chosen to inspire their imaginations.

The Matinee Series gives families a chance to celebrate who they are while appreciating who others are at the same time.  We highly recommend checking out this organization right in Philadelphia that has devoted itself so successfully to bridging the gap between cultures.  With so many amazing events and programs to choose from, IHP is definitely a place that everyone needs to be checking out.

(Another program we especially like is the Conversation Table which gives those learning English a chance to practice their skills on native speakers.  FREE and open to the public every Thursday at 5pm, the Conversation Table is another great chance to experience, enjoy, and share in a huge variety of cultural backgrounds in a real and natural setting).





  1. This looks like an awesome event. Often people are so focused on excluding outsiders they forget to be human.

  2. I've never even heard of International House Philadelphia. This sounds like a terrific event. Thanks for telling us about it!