Tuesday, April 26, 2016

New Expansion at Sahara Sam's Oasis

(Photo: Sahara Sam's Oasis)
We've already discovered that Sahara Sam's Oasis is an awesome local indoor waterpark that you can enjoy all year round (seriously - all year round!), so we were pretty excited to learn that they are in the process of adding even more fun and adventure to their facility.  The park currently consists of numerous water slides, spaces for water themed sports and play, and a large outdoor section open during warmer weather.  There's also plenty of places for birthdays, events, and the special needs evenings and programs that Sahara Sam's runs (not to mention Diggerland USA, the construction-themed adventure park located right next door).  Check out our post from last winter on how cool this year-round water park is.

(Photo: Sahara Sam's Oasis)
This coming Memorial Day Weekend, Sahara Sam's is introducing a 10,000 square foot expansion to their already 70,000 sq ft park.  Included in this expansion are two additional water slides as well as a family leisure pool. The new colorful 300 ft long winding slides will be much like the already popular Snake Eyes, except that instead of riding inner tubes, guests will have the exhilarating experience of racing each other head first on mats - whoosh!

While we are psyched for new water slides to experience, we are also very much looking forward to the opening of a new family leisure pool.  The indoor section of the park has a lot of water experiences to choose from including the Tim-Buk-To Tree Fort, Congo Bongo Adventure River, Crocodile Flats, and Sam's Slamdunker, but it's never really had a space to just kick back and float and swim around in (though there is a fantastic leisure pool and wave pool open outdoors during the summer).  This new leisure pool is the answer to guests and families looking for a place to swim no matter what the temperature and weather is outside.

Daily Vacationer got to take a sneak peek at the current construction of the new expansion, and it looks incredibly promising.  We have no doubt that Sahara Sam's will get it done in time for its Memorial Day Weekend grand opening (we saw how fast they constructed and opened Diggerland USA), and we can't wait to experience all the new additions.  Remember, Sahara Sam's Oasis is open ALL YEAR ROUND - always 84 degrees with lots of fun for everyone!



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