Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Daily Vacationer Jr: Moozie's Play Cafe

We are big fans of all the places we go where kids can play and be kids and we can play and be kids with them, but we have a special love for locations that allow kids to be kids while we remain adults. This is one of the best reasons why we were thrilled to discover Moozie's Play Cafe in Turnersville, NJ.  We could sit and drink FREE! coffee (slowly, at our leisure) while still being able to see and interact with everything going on in the play areas.  It was wonderful (plus hours and hours of fun for children, of course!).

The play area is divided into sections called "pods" that each have a different theme (including the new and timely "Schoolhouse Pod") but are still open so that you can see into each one and toys can easily drift from one pod to another as imagination and creativity strikes. And with the types of toys all around (dolls, cars, blocks, costumes, etc), there is a lot of room for imaginative play.  The wooden indoor playground area for climbing, swinging, and sliding was very popular, as was the little ride on train.  Every inch of space in Moozie's is used well to encourage both individual and group play, but still has plenty of open space for impromptu Plasma Car rides, dancing, storytime, and dashing to the well situated bathrooms.  As a total stroke of genius, Moozie's also has a room made just for more active running and jumping play with almost nothing in it but an exciting whirling disco ball overhead and upbeat  tunes coming through the speakers.

The cafe part of Moozie's is both family friendly and adult friendly, with various sized tables accommodating bigger groups as well as caregivers by themselves.  The tea and coffee are FREE (YES,  REALLY! AND IT'S GOOD!) and the rest of the food and beverage choices range from a quick snack or addition to a lunch brought from home to a full child-friendly meal pieced together with fruits, dairy products, and grains. We also loved that tax was already factored into the prices, so if an item was $1, caregivers could just send their kids over with a dollar bill to go buy it without worry about extra small change.

Along with it's extensive Open Play hours, Moozie's also offers a variety of special classes and events every week.  Sing and dance at the Music Class, get creative with the Craft Class, make believe with the Drama Class, and get centered during a story with Yoga Classes. Classes can be purchased as either three or four week packages or single drop-in sessions. Open Play hours are Tuesdays through Fridays with Mondays set aside as a Special Needs Play Day and weekends are used for birthdays and special classes.  Birthdays should be reserved well ahead of time as the various party packages make throwing a party at Moozie's a popular and easy way to celebrate.

Moozie's also hosts events beneficial to adults and older children such as their Parents' Night Out and Mommy's Mornings Out with safe and supervised play spaces to leave the kids at for that much needed date night, meeting, or errand-running time.  They also host Parent Seminars and other community events.  For the preteen crowd, they have a fantastic Pre-Slumber Party package for a fun way to fill in the early part of any sleepover get together.

When we visited Moozie's, we were there for hours and probably could have stayed for hours more.  It was fun for the whole group and so relaxing to be in a location where everything like good food, clean bathrooms, places to sit, and places to play were all mixed in cohesively together. We definitely recommend Moozie's Play Cafe to every parent who loves providing their kids with exciting opportunities to play and grow, but who, if pressed, would admit that a comfortable chair, a complimentary hot beverage  makes the experience possibly even better for them than the children.

Socks are required in the Play Area
(socks are available for purchase on site)

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  1. That place looks amazing. I wish there was one of those around here when my kids were younger!

  2. This place looks awesome! Wish we lived closer!