Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Daily Vacationer Jr: The Fairy Ball

The Fairy Queen requested our presence at the Garden State Discovery Museum's Fairy Ball, and we were thrilled to attend this delightful annual event.  A regular day at the Museum is already filled with loads of fun, but this enchanting evening made it all even more special.  Being greeted by the Fairy Queen, going on carriage rides with Princesses, dancing in the ballroom with a Prince, and taking a yummy dessert break with Tinker Bell - all amazing moments we got to enjoy!

On first arriving at the Ball, guests were announced and given a welcoming round of applause.  We quickly found the Fairy Queen for a few of the great photo op moments of the night.  Then it was on to the ballroom where Aladdin and others were busting a move with visitors - giving special attention to each little guest.  The ballroom itself was magical and fun with sparkling lights and great tunes!

We took advantage of the cool crafting available and put together a quirky Frog Prince and Magic Mirror with the assistance of lots of helpful fairies.  At the same time, Sweet and Sassy was doing simple up-dos and adding fun princess accessories (they also made sure to get every guest a special take home bag!).  The museum was open for free play, so there were lots of princesses building houses, doing science experiments, going fishing, and more - so cute!  We got to chow down on ice cream from The Silver Diner while chatting it up with Aladdin and Tinker Bell (all in The Silver Diner play area of course).

The dessert table opened at 7:30 with beautiful cakes (the birch tree one was our favorite!) and delicious cookies to be indulged in. It was quite a colorful spread with lots to choose from. After eating our fill, we headed outside for the evening carriage rides.  This part was of tons of fun!  Such a memorable experience to ride in a real horse drawn carriage accompanied by Snow White, Belle, and Cinderella.

As always, the event was fantastic due to the commitment and helpfulness of the Garden State Discovery Museum staff.  Whether dressed as a character from Frozen, helping in the craft area, dancing in the ballroom, or just hanging out, the fairies, princesses, and princes went above and beyond to make the Fairy Ball a wonderful experience for every single guest.  We had an amazing time and will definitely be back next year!

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