Monday, November 14, 2016

Please Touch Museum: The Adventures of Mr. Potato Head

Mr. Potato Head is going on a adventure, and he needs some extra hands, feet, ears, and eyes! Right now at the Please Touch Museum, visitors can join one of the most beloved toys of all time as he travels around and out of this world discovering fun and new things throughout The Adventures of Mr. Potato Head. Using different senses, observe and interact with games and clues to figure out puzzles and play in all the fascinating parts of this exhibit.

Follow Mr. Potato Head's footprints around the first floor of the museum to go from exploring ancient ruins and diving under the sea to sliding through the jungle and blasting off into outer space.  Every part of the exhibit has its own fun twist with something for every age and stage to enjoy.  We loved how interactive and interesting it all was with a fantastic attention to detail and lots of cameos from Mrs. Potato Head. We observed plenty of caregivers getting as big of a kick out of playing in the exhibit as the little ones they were with.

Looking back, it's actually pretty hard to decide which parts were our favorites.  Almost every section had something that we had a great time with!  In the ancient ruins we played with weights and scales, followed clues to read a map, braved the stone passageway, and dug for relics. Then we went diving with Mr. Potato Head under the sea where we raced seahorses, hung out in the seaweed, helped an octopus figure out a puzzle, explored inside a submarine, and received funny answers to yes and no questions from a cheeky clam.  The jungle area had a slide and tunnel, as well as a place to complete mazes, use your senses to listen to and see wildlife, and even write your own message in code before driving off in your safari car.  Then we blasted off into outer space where we commanded our rocket ship from the captains chair (complete with travel coffee cup), listened in on alien conversations, and assisted Mr. Potato Head on his R.O.V.E.R. mission.

Since the entire exhibit is hands on and interactive, we were thrilled that they had included an area devoted to just putting together and taking apart actual Mr. Potato Heads.  With a huge container full of body parts and accessories to choose from, this was one of the biggest hits for the little vacationers who accompanied us. Their other favorite moments in the exhibit included the camera in the rocket ship, the hilarious animal sounds in the jungle, and of course, the curvy slide!

The Adventures of Mr. Potato Head is FREE with general museum admission and will be on exhibit at The Please Touch Museum through January 16th!


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  1. My kids would LOVE this! They are HUGE Mr. Potato Head fans!!

  2. This looks really fun! I think my son would love it - especially the Jungle area!!!

  3. We love the Please Touch! It is such a fantastic museum!

  4. This looks awesome! I'd love to check it out with the kids :)

  5. I wish the kids were little again, just so I could go to places like the Please Touch! museum! Looks like such a fun time.