Thursday, December 22, 2016

Brandywine River Museum's Christmas with the Dolls

Events at the Brandywine River Museum are always an enjoyable experience, and Christmas with the Dolls was no exception!  They created an opportunity for an experience which built anticipation and excitement even before we reached the museum.  Christmas with the Dolls proved to be an event fun for adults and kids. We really appreciated the calming and relaxed atmosphere they created by playing festive music and showing multiple screens with a peaceful snowy scene.  The staff was so friendly and nice, and they were very organized and prepared for this event!

We made bracelets for kids and dolls and also colored and cut out paper dolls that were similar to some of our favorite dolls in the museum. We appreciated that materials for the crafts were prepared ahead and ready to go. Time went by quickly as we completed these activities! After craft time, we enjoyed cookies and juice in sweet kid-friendly tea cups (we loved that they had separate tables for eating vs. crafting keeping things clean and less stressful for caregivers).  Truly this event was thoughtfully done and enhanced our enjoyment of the museum overall. It was fun to see kids with their dolls exploring the miniature scenes and dolls in the rooms of the museum, and "helping" their dolls spot fun details in the train exhibit.

At Christmas time, the museum is a perfect experience for kids. The train exhibit has platforms for the kids to stand on so they can see, and the doll rooms are easily visible at many levels. A harp player was part of creating a beautiful, calming holiday experience. The museum is just the right size to explore as a family and has art that is enticing and interesting to enjoy. The Brandywine River Museum isn't afraid of children. Instead they embrace how this museum experience can encourage life long appreciate for the beauty of the arts. It has so much to offer throughout the year. We can't wait to go back for another visit!


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