Monday, April 10, 2017

Four Reasons to Love Frogs: A Chorus of Colors

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With signs of spring popping up everywhere, The Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University presents a timely exhibit that showcases the amazing hues of the natural world in Frogs: A Chorus of Colors. We really enjoyed learning more about the life, homes, and habits of amphibians, plus it was fascinating to see so many amazing frogs up close and in person!

Four reasons why Frogs: A Chorus of Colors is so cool:

1) The Colors are astounding.
Now that might seem like a truly obvious statement for an exhibit called "A Chorus of Colors", but we were actually pretty blown away but the vivid rainbow.  "Natural colors" are often thought to be earthy, muted tones, but there is nothing muted about the colors that are actually found in nature when you look at the examples of these vibrant amphibians (plus the added bonus of the foliage and flowers that they emulate as camoflage).  From bright green frogs that match the curved leaves around them to the aptly named, fiery red Tomato Frog, all shades of the rainbow are represented in this eye candy of an exhibit.

2) An amazing variety.
Frogs are a pretty common animal no matter where you live in the world (except perhaps if you live in Antarctica!). With almost 4,000 varieties on each continent its not hard to guess that though we are used to seeing frogs everywhere, the frogs themselves differ greatly in size, sounds, habits, and of course, color. The exhibit showcases numerous kinds from all over the world to highlight just how big of range there is in the amphibian world. Visitors can go from the massive African Bullfrog to the tiny, yet deadly Poison Dart Frogs.

3) Incredible Facts.
We absolutely love learning as much as we can about the subject of an exhibit, so we were thrilled with all of the extra information included with each frog.  Beyond learning details about the specific live amphibians on display, there were plenty of extras covering habitats, mating rituals, reasons behind noises, and a break down of anatomy.  We also finally got to learn the difference between a frog and a toad!

4) Daily Vacationer Jr says:
Frogs: A Chorus of Colors is a great exhibit for kids to enjoy as well.  The displays were low enough for even little ones to be able to try to find the sometimes very well camouflaged live animals, with the tadpole tank being one of the most popular stops.  We enjoyed the interactive sections including a virtual dissection and a leaping zoetrope frog.  The lily pad rug located near the back of the exhibit was also a big draw for those who were inspired to give their own hopping skills a try.

Frogs: A Chorus of Colors is open through May 14th.

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  1. The blue colors are so cool!
    Cheryl G.

  2. No idea what would be the coolest! Maybe the skeletons?