Monday, May 22, 2017

Corner Bakery Cafe

Recently we had the privilege to be invited to check out Corner Bakery Cafe, a popular chain in the Greater Philly area.  We had actually never been in one ourselves, so we were really looking forward to the opportunity after hearing such good things about the food. We visited the location in Moorestown, NJ for breakfast and promptly returned that same afternoon for lunch. The experience was so good and tasty that we just had to go back and try something else on the menu.
The Corner Bakery Cafe is set up with counter ordering (similar to other chain bakeries in the area), but with a bit of table service included and A LOT more food choices.  Guests can look up at the options posted on the wall or view yummy choices right before them in the case, however we loved the printed menus available that made it easy to see everything offered and browse at your leisure. (The person standing at the counter who isn't sure yet what they want and is a little afraid they are missing out on seeing something they could be ordering? Yeah - that's us.)  We were also big fans of their fold out pamphlet with full nutrition information and healthy picks sitting right next to the regular menu.

The list of choices at the Corner Bakery Cafe is rather extensive with their delicious breakfast options available all day.  There is the usual cafe offerings of salads, soups, hot and cold sandwiches, and, of course their baked goods, but all are served above and beyond the expected with fresh ingredients and surprisingly yummy combinations (Ham and swiss on pretzel bread! Asian wonton salad! Meatball panini on sourdough!). We were also impressed to find handcrafted pasta on the menu (not a usual addition to most of the bakeries and cafes we've been to).

During our breakfast visit (where they were very patient with our indecisiveness in the face of so much good food), we finally decided on the Bacon & Cheddar Panini. served on grilled sourdough. This choice comes with two scrambled eggs, beautifully melted cheddar, and amazing smoked bacon (like the crispy good kind that your dad would make on Saturday mornings - yep, that good!).  The food was brought out to us along with our Caramel Latte, and we admit, we polished off the panini pretty fast before lingering over our Latte in the calm and relaxing cafe environment.  We unabashedly returned for lunch and got to enjoy the experience all over again.

Daily Vacationer Jr says: Corner Bakery Cafe is the perfect to place to take the little ones (even the picky eaters).  They have their own menu with an activity book inside to help keep them occupied while waiting for their food and afterwards when you want to stay and sip your coffee a bit.  The staff was very friendly and encouraging when our little vacationer wanted to order their own food: Chocolate chip buttermilk pancakes with bacon plus a chocolate milk (because sometimes you get to order whatever you want).  And while we thought we were chowing down quickly, we had nothing on the exuberant little eater in the booth with us.  They thought everything was absolutely delicious!

Corner Bakery Cafe also offers catering options for parties or meetings (or really anytime you want a ton of great food).  Gift cards are available as well and come in adorable mini brown shopping bags!

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  1. The space itself is great. The bar and restaurant at venues in Chicago occupies two levels, with a great balcony looking out over the city. I had a great time people watching, especially since it was close to festive season.