Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Dinosaur Revolution at the Delaware Museum of Natural History

What is it about dinosaurs that are so interesting at every age? You can be four or forty, but there is always something exciting and new to learn about dinosaurs. At the Delaware Museum of Natural History’s Dinosaur Revolution exhibit, visitors are invited to come explore and learn so much more about these giant creatures of the past.

The exhibit is set up as a maze (this is your warning!) and begins with a walk past a giant long-necked dinosaur.  Then it's time to explore! The entire thing it set up as a series of questions and answers. You get asked a question, and based on what you think the answer is, you move in that direction. We love this set up. because it kept us mentally reviewing all the dinosaur info we knew (or thought we knew) while teaching us brand new things.  Don't worry if you get the wrong answer - the maze always loops around to give you another try.

Throughout the exhibit, interactive boards of information are sprinkled as you proceed through the maze. There was a great wealth of information! Once you get the right answer, things get even more hands on with stomping dinosaur footprints, swinging on a zip line, and digging for fossils.We went through twice so that we could get the full experience!
Daily Vacationer Jr says: With so much hands on and interactive parts to the exhibit, Dinosaur Revolution is fun for all ages. We recommend leaving the stroller outside the maze as the corners can get a little tight. Also the puppet theater and puzzle area is a great place to hang out and keep a look out for your party on both the entrance and exit as well as familiar feet going through the maze (bonus: it serves as a fun spot for younger or less adventurous siblings to play while they wait).

Dinosaur Revolution is on exhibit at the
Delaware Museum of Natural History until May 29, 2017



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