Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Storyland at the Please Touch Museum

How often do we wish we could step between the covers of a good book and spend a day within its pages?  We read and reread the stories, setting the characters into motion along beloved plot lines and through familiar settings, thinking how fun it would be to tag along beside them. Storyland: A Trip Through Childhood Favorites, the current special exhibit at the Please Touch Museum, allows visitors to do just that with some of the most cherished children's books found in libraries, on nursery shelves, and open on caregivers' laps all over the world.

Delighted kids (and delighted parents - let's face it) will be thrilled with the fun and hands on approach to Storyland with timeless favorites like Peter Rabbit and The Snowy Day coming to life with vegetable gardens to explore and paths of snow to crunch in.  The sing-song lines of Chicka Chiicka Boom Boom become even more fun when you help to send the letters up to the top of the coconut tree (with lessons about the alphabet thrown in to boot!).  Each book gets its own unique area as you jump from exploring New York City with Abuela to making mischief in the kitchen of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. We also loved how the each part managed to capture the feel of the book it was meant to represent like the hushed tones of Tuesday where the images tell most of the story to the simple boardbook-esque blocks of Where's Spot.

Every area of Storyland had not only the actual book to reference and many sections directly from the story's pages, but also a little bit more added for pure fun. Our favorite parts included climbing the huge letters of the Chicka Chicka Boom Boom beach, listening to all the different languages singing together on Abuela's city tour, wandering among Mr. McGregor's giant vegetables, and following in Peter's footsteps as he explored The Snowy Day. Storyland is also a bilingual exhibit with everything available in English and Spanish.  There's also lots of early learning concepts to practice and have fun with!

Storyland: A Trip Through Childhood Favorites is open at the Please Touch Museum through September 10th and is included in the price of admission.




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