Monday, August 7, 2017

Port Discovery: KLUTZ: Amazingly Immature

This summer, immaturity returns to Port Discovery Children’s Museum! The new KLUTZ Amazingly Immature exhibit is based on the KLUTZ Encyclopedia vol. 1 and 2. There are 18 interactive activities that allow school age children (and any young minded adults) to discover some of the most basic laws of science with ordinary objects and lots of good fun. For, example, visitors to the museum can construct superfast airplanes out of paper and then launch them into air-all the while learning about aerodynamics!

Since 1977, KLUTZ has been producing activity kits for kids that help them discover their world using easy to follow instructions and a good dose of silliness. Children have a natural curiosity for their surroundings, and they are open to multiple uses for everyday tools. What child hasn’t desired to use their plastic spoon as a catapult? Well, at this exhibit, no care giver needs to worry about chastising their kid for being “silly”. Why, if silly isn’t happening, then you are in the wrong place!

The best part of this creative exhibit is that it allows one to have fun while learning about science. As parents, we strive to find new and exciting venues for our children to be awakened to the hidden truths that lie just beneath the surface of natural phenomena. At Port Discovery, only till September 4th, families and friends can come and make memories while having a solid educational experience. Are you Amazingly Immature?




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