Tuesday, February 6, 2018

StinkyKids: The Musical at the WST

The Walnut Street Theatre is known for its rich history in the theatrical arts (it's the oldest continually running theatre in the English speaking world!), and it's stage has seen many MANY famous talents, shows, and audience members.  With seasons so popular that seats are sold out months ahead of time, the Walnut Street Theatre is a cornerstone of the arts in Philadelphia.  Along with the their Mainstage and Independence Studio on 3, the theatre also offers a variety of family-friendly shows throughout the year with their Walnut Street Theatre for Kids program.  Daily Vacationer had the privilege to attend their current Theatre for Kids show, and we definitely had a great time!

StinkyKids: The Musical is based off of the popular StinkyKids book series by author Britt Menzies and follows the adventures of a girl and her group of friends as they deal with such issues as friendship, sharing, and trying not to disappoint their parents.  The show takes these problems that all children deal with and throws in fun musical numbers to help tell the story and let the characters work through things. Unfortunately for main character Britt, she has a big problem in this particular story as a wad of gum has gotten stuck in her hair as a result of not listening to her parents.  Will her and her friends be able to figure it out on their own, or will she have to tell her parents the truth and risk not being allowed to go to Captain Happy's Jumpy-Fun-Super-Bouncy Indoor Palace (a place the children speak about in excited reverence with a hysterical running gag).

The cast of StinkyKids make for some very authentic 6 and 7 year olds, relating well with an audience full of children.  With different interests, personalities, and ways of reacting to the same thing, the Stinky Kids cover a huge variety of possible problems and ways to solve them as well as lots of good times and all the many ways to enjoy them. The numbers are frequent and enjoyable (and cover such topics as "You're Not Gunna Get In Trouble" and "Maybe This is a Mistake") with the show moving along at a perfect pace for ages K - 6th (although we saw plenty of audience members both older and younger having a great time!).  One of our favorite parts of the show, besides the believability of the cast, was the discernible difference between intentional misbehavior and kids just being kids as well as the realistic portrayal of the consequences that come with either one.

Stinky Kids: The Musical with its strong cast (Jared Calhoun, Alexa Cepeda, Chali Cookie, Stephen Fala, Dana Orange, and Faith Sacher) is running at The Walnut Street Theatre through February 11th with tickets available at walnutstreettheatre.org.  Make sure to check out the upcoming Theatre Kids shows including The Musical Adventures of Flat Stanley Jr. starting March 31st and Ivy Bean: The Musical opening June 1st.




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