Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Walnut Street Theatre for Kids: 2018/2019 Season

The Walnut Street Theatre for Kids kicked off its 2018/2019 season with a spirited and fun production of Aladdin Jr. - a version that has all the magic of the original story plus some extra twists and bonus characters.  With a strong cast in both main and supporting roles, the young actors and actresses were able to bring to life the tale of a desperate boy and a determined princess and the ways their lives would intersect and change everything for the better.  

Aladdin Jr. focuses a little bit more on friendship and there is a more clear divide between the intents of the "good" and "bad" characters in a way that translates better to a younger audience. We were impressed with the singing chops of the actors (a stand out being the female harmonies in "These Palace Walls"), and were especially blown away by the added task given to the cast to act as their own stage crew.  Every scene change was done seamlessly and the whole show had a great pace and flow to it. Aladdin Jr. seemed to be extremely well received by the enthusiastic audience, and everyone involved in the production should be very proud to have started off the season with such a bang.

We always enjoy the experience of live shows at the Walnut Street Theater!  It's such a historic piece of Philadelphia and live theatre history in general.  Being there and walking and sitting in a building that has housed such legendary actors and shows is a pure pleasure.  We love that they are able to share this amazing history and passion for the stage with very young audiences through their Theatre for Kids program.  The ticket prices are incredibly affordable and the shows are always highly entertaining for a wide range of ages.  

Walnut Street Theatre for Kids 2018/2019 Season:

Pinkalicious: The Musical: March 29-April 13

Fly Guy: The Musical: May 31-June 8

Head to walnutstreettheatre.org for additional information on
more shows, directions and parking, and ticket prices.

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