Wednesday, May 1, 2019

New at the Philadelphia Zoo: 2019

The Philadelphia Zoo has long been known for its leadership in conservation and zoos worldwide, with its reputation as being America's first zoo as well as its cutting edge Zoo360 experience putting it way ahead of others.  This year, they'll be enhancing the visitor and member experience with a few new additions as well as a return of a beloved zoo memory.

2019 is the year that the ZooKey finally comes back to the Philadelphia Zoo, and zoo goers old and young have been rejoicing over its return.  Just like the old ZooKeys from years past (which will still work, by the way!), the new keys allow visitors to learn even more about the animals, their habitats, and the people who take care of them.  Look for the boxes around the zoo (locations can be found on the map), and listen to a zookeeper share interesting information in either English or Espanol (we LOVE that they are bilingual!).

Another addition for 2019 are the special LEGO brick creations in the Creatures of Habitat exhibit.  These 12 life-sized vignettes highlight various animals, the fragility of their homes, and what we can be doing to preserve their environments.  From the mighty African Lion and Polar Bear to the whimsical Golden Lion Tamarin and Humboldt Penguin, each display is fun to look at and fascinating to learn about.  Creatures of Habitat will be on display through September 30, 2019.

The final new experience at the Philadelphia Zoo is a delicious and welcome addition to the eateries located on the premises.  The Urban Green is an open-air place to chow down and chill out with a fun neighborhood vibe. The menu includes Burgers, Salads, Fry Bowls, and Pressed Sandwiches all created with fresh and tasty ingredients.

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