Monday, February 17, 2020

Dinosaurs Around the World

The Academy of Natural Sciences invites you to travel back in time and all over the globe with as they explore Dinosaurs Around the World - a special exhibit on display through January 20, 2020!  The earth has undergone some massive changes over the years with the plant and animal life changing right along with it. Welcome to a time where Antarctica is a tropical beach and you would need a few extra layers to visit the frigidness of Australia.

The exhibit is full interactive with fossils to touch and and artifacts to examine.  There's even a spot to play paleontologist and uncover dinosaur bones using special tools of the trade. The highlight of the whole thing, of course, is the moving, roaring dinosaurs scattering in abundance throughout the exhibit.  Standing in front of giant, cheery postcards, life-sized herbivores and carnivores represent their different areas of the world including the ferocious Velociraptors and the mild mannered Leaellynasaura. 

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