Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Local Destination: Eatery Events

So today is the first day of spring.  It sure doesn't feel like it at the moment, but the birds are chirping and the sun is warm when the wind doesn't blow and there's a super long line at the local Rita's Water Ice stand, so it must really be spring.  Though I'm not a big fan of "water ice" or "italian ice", I decided that standing in line with a bunch of people for a treat that wouldn't cost me a cent was much more appealing than sitting at home and wishing it was warmer.
My daughter and I bundled up and joined the groups of friends and  gathering of families all waiting for their free Rita's.  Eventually I received my mint chocolate chip cream flavor from a still chipper employee and went back to the comfort of the car to dig in (and to give my daughter a yogurt as she's a little young for water ice).  Yes it was colder than past years, but still a fun experience, and that's really what it was all about.
In order to really take advantage of all those Daily Vacations just waiting around you at home, you need to enter into ideas with an open attitude.  Events with a little potential can become a whole lot of fun if you choose to make them that way.  Plus when the local fun is hardly costing you anything - or it's completely free! - it makes it much easier for you to participate and get others to join you.
Fortunately for your wallet, local eaterys often have event days and promotions designed to get you in the door and have a little fun.  As I have already mentioned, today is free Rita's Ice Water day (you have until 9pm to get in line and claim yours).  But it's not just the first day of spring that you need to keep an eye out for.  Around this time of year, Bruster's Ice Cream has its "Pajama Day".  Literally, if you wear your pajamas to Bruster's, you will get a free waffle cone.  During the summer at Chick-fil-a you can receive a free chicken sandwich on certain days - granted, you must come to the establishment dressed as a cow, but if you get enough friends to join you or have kids, why not?  You can also head over to Nathan's Famous on specific days when they have their "Dollar Dog Day" for a cheap lunch or dinner out.
If you do just a little research, you'll discover lots of different places right in your area that offer these type of events.  At certain times, it might just be the thing to make your regular day a little more exciting.  You may not be on a true vacation, but that doesn't mean you can't have a little fun.  Plus, if the experience is going to cost you so little or nothing at all, there's really nothing stopping you from changing that "why bother?" into a "why not?" attitude.

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