Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Having Fun Anyway

The odds were truly against us today.  Not only did I have to prepare the house for overnight guests, tackle a few day to day chores, and run some errands, but it's STILL cold outside!  Plus, as I told my daughter while buckling her into her carseat in between errands, "You're a one year old, and I'm thirty-four weeks pregnant(!)."  I was desperately on the lookout for a Daily Vacation to drop into our laps today.
Suddenly, while checking out at Target, I spotted my opportunity in the form of a little Starbucks cafe tucked away by the front windows.  I pulled up a high chair for my daughter and a seat for myself at the table next to the window where she got to enjoy her afternoon snack while I enjoyed my java chip frappuccino. We people watched and discussed important matters like if she wanted more yogurt and how many lights were hanging from the ceiling.  It was the perfect way to spend a few extra moments on a chilly day in March.
With this lingering winter weather, it can get be so easy to just put your head down and "get through" the day.  Spring must come eventually, so if you just wait it out and keep chugging along, you'll eventually get there.  However, I hate the idea of wasting precious days by getting caught in the "just getting through" mindset.  If you spend all your time anticipating and waiting for what is right around the corner, you miss out on all you could be doing today.
So be on the lookout for those unexpected moments to take advantage of.  Also, continue planning for and scheduling your own Daily Vacations - even if they weren't what you thought you'd be doing so far into March.  Spring weather will finally catch up with the season soon, but until then, don't stop making the most of what you have right now.

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