Monday, April 1, 2013

The Gift of Spring

I hate to jinx it, but I think spring officially arrived this past weekend.  Even with a bit of rain and some colder days still ahead in the forecast, there seems to be something in the air that just isn't giving in anymore.  I can hear it in the sound of birds chirping all day long, I can feel it in the breeze that no longer chills like it used to, and I can sense it in the way I approach the day.  I feel like someone has given me two things I haven't fully had for months now: extra time and choices.

The sun is coming up earlier and going down later making it seem like there are additional hours in the day that just weren't there before.  It's thoroughly exciting to finish dinner and look out the window and still see the sun and know there a couple more hours until dark.  One can still do things anywhere in the house without taking shelter near artificial lighting and "settling in" for the night.  You become a lot more productive and energized (and the chances of going for an after dinner ice cream run get a lot better!).  Not only is there more time in the evenings, but there is suddenly more time in the mornings as well.  It's not as much of a struggle to rise from a comfortable bed when the sun is coming up and you can already hear the birds singing.
In addition to the extra daylight hours, the sudden arrival of warmer weather has given the gift of choice.  Do I want to read inside by a window or on the front stoop in the sun?  Do we want to go to the library or the park this afternoon?  Do we want to sit inside or outside at the breakfast cafe?  Do we want to go for a walk in the morning or after dinner?  It's so exciting to think about your day and realize you don't have to stick with indoor activites or plan outings for the warmest possible moment of a cold day.
I've found myself overwhelmed in a good way within the past few days.  I can start doing all the warm weather Daily Vacations I planned out during the bleak winter months.  I can get up earlier and get a head start on my "have tos" to make more time for all the "want tos".  I can pause the day for family dinner and then pick up where I left off for a couple more hours.  The possibilities are suddenly so endless!  I certainly hope that you are all as excited as I am.  Take advantage of all the time and choices that the turn of the season has finally brought us!

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