Sunday, January 12, 2014

Dino Week: Delaware Museum of Natural History

Located in Wilmington, DE, the Delaware Museum of Natural History is an easy day trip for anyone in the Greater Philadelphia Area and is the only place in the entire  state of Delaware in which visitors can experience actual dinosaur fossils.  The Dinosaur Gallery is the permanent home of two complete dinosaurs hailing from Asia.  Tuojiangosaurus and Yangchuanosaurus (relatives of the more familiar Stegosaurus and Allosaurus) tower over the gallery, creating an impressive display.  Just a glimpse at this room from the entrance of the Museum will have you hurrying down the hallway to get a better look at them.  While in the Dinosaur Gallery, make sure you take a look at the diorama to see how these amazing beasts are thought to have looked in the flesh.

Be on the lookout for other dinosaurs throughout the Museum.  The Parasaurolophus is represented by a replica of what its head would have looked like with its long, hollow crest used to produce a foghorn-like sound.  The horrifying Tyrannosaurus Rex skull on display makes visitors glad that these beasts no longer lurk around the earth.  And if you think the head of the T-Rex looks large, go check out the cast of a vertebra bone from the Argentinosaurus (any guesses on where it was discovered?), which as of right now is the largest dinosaur known.

A tour of the dinosaurs in Greater Philadelphia definitely would not be complete without a visit to the Delaware Museum of Natural History. Its Dinosaur Gallery and paleontology exhibits are a must-see.

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