Sunday, January 12, 2014

Dino Week: Hadrosaurus Foulkii


The Hadrosaurus foulkii, translates to mean "Foulke's big lizard" as it was unearthed by William Parker Foulke in 1858 in none other than Haddonfield, NJ located in Camden County. Mr. Foulke was vacationing on a farm owned by his friend, John E. Hopkins, and decided to follow up a story he had heard about large bones being discovered in a nearby marl pit about 20 years earlier.  He was granted permission and led a dig team which took great care in documenting the discovery of a huge reptilian creature.  Foulke then called on the aid of Dr. Joseph Leidy of the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia.  Leidy carefully studied the skeleton, made the first sketches based on the placement of the bones, and named the beast Hadrosaurus foulkii in honor of its discoverer.  These findings set the tone and the standard for modern paleontology and created a sensation throughout the scientific community.

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