Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Dino Week Jr: Camden Chrildren's Garden and Adventure Aquarium

Daily Vacation headed to the Adventure Aquarium in Camden, NJ in search of the jaw of the giant Megalodon Shark for DINO WEEK (although, we were made aware that prehistoric sea monsters are not, in fact, dinosaurs).  But since they are very close, and the Aquarium is such a cool place, we included it anyway.  For DINO WEEK Jr, we encourage kids who are fascinated by sharks, prehistoric and modern, to experience the interactive fun that  the Aquarium has to offer.  Hang out in the Shark Lab in the Ocean Realm to learn more about these amazing creatures.  Go find Gill and his friends in Zone C for an entire floor devoted to pure play and hands-on learning.  Find him again deep in the Shark Realm.  Make sure you stop off at the Touch-A-Shark room and the famous Shark Tunnel as well.
If one is really looking for Dinosaurs in Camden, then you need to head to the Camden Children's Garden located right next to the Aquarium.  Designed as a place where kids can experience horticulture and interactive learning, the Children's Garden is made of up of lots of themed gardens and some fantastic rides.  One of these themed gardens is the Dinosaur Garden.
You can't help but notice the Hadrosaurus located directly in the center of the Dinosaur Garden right away.  This wonderful Dinosaur is inspired by Haddy, but the extra crest on top of its head makes it a little different than a Hadrosaurus foulkii.  Another great Dinosaur in the Garden is the Apatosaurus.  Standing next to a waterfall and pool of water, this big red beast is constructed entirely of recycled car parts!  Make sure you explore the inside of the giant Dinosaur eggs in the Garden as well.
Daily Vacation did not find our plush Haddy here, but both locations have amazing gift shop items.  Stay tuned to DINO WEEK Jr to see where we got him!

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