Monday, January 20, 2014

Dino Week Jr: Philadelphia Zoo

Daily Vacation already visited the Philadelphia Zoo to see the statue of Haddy outside the Reptile and Amphibian House and meet the amazing dinosaur "cousins" inside last week for Dino Week.  However, while we were there, we discovered a pretty awesome place with an incredible dinosaur that we saved for Dino Week Jr.
Over by the carousel, a large unobtrusive building blends into the background behind the prairie dogs.  This is The George D. Widener Memorial Treehouse.  The building itself was constructed in 1877 and used to house the African hooved livestock.  In 1985, the animals were moved and the location was transformed into an amazing, interactive experience.
The Treehouse looks fairly big from the outside, but one can't help but be impressed when they step inside.  High ceilings and an abundance of windows allow natural light to filter down onto what looks like some kind of magical world.  Oversized frogs hang out by a huge pond.  Friendly bees gather round a maze of honeycombs.  Cheerful caterpillars wait their turn to become the massive beautiful butterfly soaring overhead.  Way in the back, a life-sized rainforest tree houses an underground maze with slides.
It was all pretty spectacular to see and experience, but Daily Vacation was very excited over one play area in particular.  To the left of the entrance we were delighted to discover a HUGE dinosaur.  And not just any dinosaur.  This was definitely a Hadrosaurus!  However, this Hadrosaurus is not Haddy the Hadrosaurus foulkii.  This dinosaur is actually a Crested Hadrosaurus who goes by the name of Daisy.
Daisy is a wonderful girl who likes to hang out in her little lake.  She has lots of friends, located on the wall behind her, but loves to make new ones all the time.  She also has a little secret.  If you get right up close to her head and come up underneath it, you can see what she is looking at!  And don't forget to find her giant eggs to hang out in.
Daily Vacation did not find our plush Haddy here, but the Zoo had a lot of pretty incredible other reptiles to choose from.  Stay tuned to DINO WEEK Jr to see where we got him!
- The Treehouse is FREE with admission. -
- Available to members year-round. -
- Available to non-members Nov-Mar -
- Strollers must be left outside. -
- The Treehouse is a special occasion rental facility. -
- The Philadelpha Zoo is almost entirely handicapped accessible. -
- Food sold on premises or bring your own. -
- Click Here for visiting information. -
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