Sunday, January 19, 2014

Dino Week Jr: Haddy

In 1858, a man named William Parker Foulke was on vacation at his friend, John E. Hopkins', farm.  The farm was located in Haddonfield, NJ (a town not far from the Benjamin Franklin Bridge).  Foulke heard stories about big bones being discovered years back on the farm and wanted to check things out for himself.  He began digging and was surprised to discover huge dinosaur bones!  Foulke found so many bones that he had to call his friend, Dr. John Leidy from the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia, to come help him put all the bones together.  This was a really big deal, because no full dinosaur had ever been found before.  After they put all the bones together, people were able to come and see what a dinosaur skeleton looked like for the very first time!  The dinosaur was named Hadrosaurus foulkii  (folk-I) after William Parker Foulke, but we will be referring to him by his nickname, "Haddy".

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