Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Winter at the Philadelphia Zoo

We started to hear the rumors.  We saw billboard ads and teaser videos across social media.  But we didn't think that they would actually dare to do it.  Surely it would just be bubbles or a video or something else just there for effect.  But then we were invited to come check it all out for ourselves, and wow - were we ever blown away by what we found:  The Philadelphia Zoo is truly making actual real SNOW to play in ALL SUMMER!!

Winter, the Philly's Zoo special Summer event (not as confusing as it sounds), is a white wonderland where visitors can toss snowballs, build snow forts and snowmen, and slide down slopes with sleds and tubes.  It is, without a doubt, one of the most refreshingly incredible ways to cool down during this season's heat. (Bring close toed shoes - frozen water is actually as cold in June and July as it is in January and February.)
It's hard to pick out the most impressive feature of Winter, but we were personally pretty drawn to the 20 ft high, 120 ft long Snow Leopard Slope. Snow tubing in August looks and feels magical and absolutely unreal.  We also loved perfecting our aim in the Snow Zone. Winter has some seriously impressive packing snow, so those snow balls were flying at the snowflake targets. Everyone was a winner at this game and got to take home a little pocket packet about Polar Bears.

The Polar Bear Pavilion is the best spot for the little ones, with real piles of snow to play and build in, plus their own mini sledding hill!  The Zoo provides buckets, shovels, and building tools for visitors to try their hand at a summer igloo or snowman.  This is also a great spot to pick up one-of-a-kind Zoo souvenirs (nothing like a Winter t-shirt and stuffed Penguin to help you brag to everyone about your summertime frolic in the snow).

Along with being chilly fun, Winter is also has plenty of interesting facts about animals who live in colder temperatures and how they are physically equipped to handle it.  We enjoyed the wall comparing cold the weather gear humans put on to the natural "coats", "snowshoes", etc worn by arctic animals. (Later we got a chance to fully appreciate the info when we visited the Zoo's resident Polar Bear, Coldilocks.) Winter also has its own spot to chew down and chill, with adult and kid refreshments available at the Cozy Cafe.

Winter is a specially ticketed experience and timed tickets are required.  Entry times are spaced out every 20 minutes, but guests can enjoy all the snow and refreshing cold for up to 2 hours.  Zoo Members can purchase tickets at a discount.  Winter is open daily at the Philadelphia Zoo through August 20th.



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